PPC is a great method to get more traffic to your site, create enthusiasm for your website from the very beginning and advertise about a particular promotion or event. It's fast, flexible and measurable-managed well it will deliver a great return on investment. It is one of the most common and popular forms of search engine advertising. This leads large number of individuals to invest in PPC advertising campaigns. It is a service operated by most of the major search engines that guarantees top search engine rankings depending on how much you bid per keyword PPC advertising is a significant part of internet marketing. Pay per click (PPC) is an easy way to get more traffic in a short period of time. It is a potential and cost-effective type of promotion even to small ventures. It tends to be executed quickly and has prompt reaction time. It is a successful method for driving relevant traffic to your site rapidly. Your ad only appears when a web user has entered a search term that is directly related to content on your website.

Types of Pay Per Click Advertisement

Google Ad words & Bing Ads : These are the pay-per-click (PPC) advertising system. In which a customer have to bid on how much he is willing to pay per each click on his ad Because Web Pages have a limited number of places to show ads, these service providers auction those spaces. In these platforms, one advertiser is bidding against another advertiser to get their ad in the space that is auctioned. So if a person bidding on keyword “shoe”, he will have to beat the bid of the other advertiser who is also bidding on same keyword “shoe”. A person has to determine how much he is willing to bid. An ad position is based on several things, which includes:

  • How closely your ad and website fit with the terms that are searched.
  • How your bid compares to other bids in the Ads auction.
  • How strongly your ad has performed in the past and how often it has been clicked.

Display Advertising : Display advertising is a type of online marketing through banner ads that conveys commercial messages visually using text, logos, animations, images, videos, or other graphics that appears in designated areas of a website or social media platforms like facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. Understanding the basics of online advertising is easier than you think. But getting your display Ads to work for your business will be a tough challenge. If you have done right, a display campaign will bring you more benefits than you think. There are several reasons to choose display advertising:

  • HIt requires less manual work.
  • It may reach a wider audience when compared to street ads.
  • Adding user interaction in the image may attract the customers.
  • Adding innovation to your banner may reap success in business.

Remarketing : Remarketing is an approach to associate with potential clients who recently visited on your website or mobile application. It enables you to strategically position your advertisements in front of audiences as they visit Google or other partner sites, thus helps in advertising the brand and reminds the customers to visit the website again. Remarketing can be a strategic component to drive your sales activity, increase Registrations, and promote brand awareness.

  • Well timed targeting
  • Focused advertising
  • Large-scale reach
  • Efficient pricing
  • Easy ad creation
  • Campaign statistic

Benefits of Pay-Per-Click Services

Right Audience - PPC is a strategic technique in search engine marketing to boost your web traffic in less time with a quality audience on your website. For this, several search engines for marketing like Google is with Google Ad words, yahoo- search engine marketing, Microsoft ad center. Right audience basically works as an audience selector it targets the specific area of people in which you want to advertise your brand. PPC endow you to enhance your Return on investment in real time.

Easy to measure & track - It is one of the major advantage of PPC advertising run through various Marketing search engines that makes site easy to measure and track the traffic on your website. You will see high-level performance details including impressions, clicks, and conversions. There is no hassle to track your PPC performance. Stats are readily available to track your campaign, how it is performing and what kind of traffic and results are driving for your budget. There are several activities measured on your website i.e.

  • Actions taken on your website
  • App installs and in-app action
  • Phone calls
  • Imports

Fast Result - As businesses need fast results, PPC is a fastest way to run a marketing campaign and get quick results. While it’s still important to work on your website and other long term marketing strategies, thus organic search results are one of the most trusted sources to achieve long term online marketing goals. It converts your small investments into huge profits easily. Pay-per click programs like Google Ad words or Bing Ads can helps to increase traffic on your websites in large numbers.

Brand Recognition - PPC can be used to target keywords related to your industry, so that people searching for those keywords will get instant results and constantly see your ads. Although general keyword does not affect sales directly, but it increases brand awareness and establish your business as an authority and leader. As your brand ad appears first on the search engine result page it creates an impact on your audience to be aware of your brand and your website.